Since I began my writing career, I have to date published fourteen books on subjects ranging from royal weddings over a period of two centuries, to the lives of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor  to Queen Victoria's remarkable granddaughter, Ella, Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia, now revered by the Russian Orthodox Church as the Holy Imperial Martyr Saint Elisabeth Romanova. I am the authorized biographer of HRH The Princess Margaret and both of my stand-alone studies, first Princess Margaret (published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson) and later Princess Margaret – A Life of Contrasts (published by Andre Deutsch) were written with the personal co-operation of the princess. To mark the twentieth anniversary of her death in February 2022, Albert Bridge Books published an updated edition of Life of Contrasts in e-book, harback and paperback formats.

Princess Margaret – A Life of Contrasts  ‘I can’t remember the last time I read such a sensitive, insightful, provocative biography. Masterly’ Adrian Tinniswood, OBE, FSA,  Writer and Historian

'Conscientiously researched, with illuminating first-hand insights ... Christopher Warwick has produced the
most complete and sympathetic life of his contradictory subject yet written’  
Sarah Bradford, Biographer and Historian

‘In this thoroughly researched and well-written book, Christopher Warwick provides a fascinating insight into Princess Margaret’s character and troubled life.’  Jennie Bond, former BBC Royal Correspondent

'Princess Margaret used to say about her life of mixed fortunes that she had been misunderstood since the age of 17. At least she has been fortunate in her biographer. With her co-operation, Christopher Warwick has written a faithful and illuminating memorial to that mercurial Princess'  Kenneth Rose, Historian, Journalist and Author

Her Majesty
In celebration of the life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Taschen commissioned me to act as author and consultant on its profusely illustrated, large-format, tri-lingual Art Book, Her Majesty, which was first published both in standard editions and in a de luxe numbered and cased collector’s edition with fabric cover  specially designed by Vivienne Westwood. 

'A stunning photographic compendium covering every detail of the Queen's remarkable life' - Telegraph Magazine, London 

'A glorious royal life in pictures' - Hello!

'A regal read' - Town & Country

'Her Majesty like never before' -

The Life and Death of ELLA Grand Duchess of Russia
My first historical biography, originally published by John Wiley & Sons to considerable acclaim, as Ella Princess Saint & Martyr, was later  published in paperback and e-book formats, as The Life and Death of ELLA Grand Duchess of Russia.

In his Mail on Sunday review, Matthew Dennison wrote, ‘Ella’s story combined love, riches and tragedy. Christopher Warwick marshals an impressive dossier of research, drawing extensively on primary sources, to bring to life the lost worlds of late 19th-Century royalty and the sumptuous last gasp of the Romanovs. It is hard to imagine a more rigorous study of a woman who, unusually in the annals of history, combined the roles of society beauty and latter-day saint.’

Other reviews and endorsements included those by ...

Hugo Vickers, historian and biographer, who wrote, ‘The reader is in expert hands as Christopher Warwick tells the inspiring, partly tragic story of the Grand Duchess Elisabeth, leading from its romantic start to its terrible conclusion. Warwick has mastered the material, and guides us ... through the story, adding much that is new. The book lingers with you long after you have finished it.’

From Alison Weir, celebrated best-selling author and historian: ‘... What a tour de force! Combines sparkling detail with the grim realities of the last decades of Imperial Russia. Ella lives and we live all the dramas and the tragedies with her. This is a powerful, stunning and poignant book ...’

And from Charlotte Zeepvat, writing in Royalty Digest: ‘The path from the summit of worldly wealth to the poverty of imprisonment, ending in brutal murder, is one few have trodden. It could hardly fail to be powerful and moving, however presented, but by ... drawing back the veil of holiness to focus afresh on the woman who enjoyed and endured all this, Christopher Warwick has given the story a new power and a subtle shift of meaning ... her story gains immensely through this retelling’

George and Marina, Duke and Duchess of Kent A Times best-seller when originally published in hardback by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, I revised and in part re-wrote George and Marina, Duke and Duchess of Kent for release in paperback and e-book format, under the aegis of Albert Bridge Books. At much the same time, George and Marina was also produced as an audio book by Tantor Media Inc.

For the duration of their tragically curtailed eight-year marriage, Prince George, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark were high society’s ‘Golden Couple.’ There had been nobody like them. Their story and the manner of ‘bad boy’ Prince George’s tragically early death, has lost none of its appeal, as witness the success of this revised edition.

Sir Peter Ustinov (Photograph by Chris Warwick)Sir Peter Ustinov (Photograph by Chris Warwick)
Among my other books are Queen Mary’s Photograph Albums, which was undertaken with the express permission of Her Majesty The Queen, Debrett's Queen Elizabeth II,  King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, and Abdication. The Universal Ustinov, my  best-selling biography of Sir Peter Ustinov, which was written with his personal co-operation, is to date my only non-royal work.  I was a contributing author to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a hardback tribute published by Majesty magazine, of which I was the first consultant editor. I also contributed to Kensington Palace – Art, Architecture and Society, as ghost-writer and adviser, which was published by Yale University Press in association with Historic Royal Palaces.


Queen Mary’s Photograph Albums The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Kensington Palace – Art, Architecture and Society